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A tribute to fellow cancer patient – Anita Seth

Yesterday evening, I was saddened by the news of an ex-colleague and friend, Anita Seth from Mumbai who tragically lost her battle to cancer.  She was a vibrant young lady filled with so much enthusiasm which was reflected both in her personal life and work. When I first met her in my first business meeting in Mumbai, she was open to share about her diagnosis  Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) or in simplistic terms cancer of the blood back in 2003. She successfully tackled the disease was diagnosed to be remission post treatment.

However back in May 2010, her leukemia relapse.  Her doctor’s recommended treatment of 2 intensive sessions of daily chemo lasting 21 days per session.  In addition to the chemo, a bone marrow/stem cell transplant.  From her updated report online, the chemo treatment was progressing well and the bone marrow transplant took place in June 2010.  The specific bone marrow she underwent was called Allogenic Stem Cell Transplant.  The transplant was deemed successful.

Aside from the medical facts Anita was ready to be active once again by slowly getting back into work.  I remembered receiving a text messaging from her wondering if I could offer her some part-time work she could complete from home.  I replied that I would love to help and informed her that I no longer work for the same company we used to work for.  At the particular period, I was about to commence my first session of chemo myself.  I specifically withheld the news from her for the simple reason that she need not worry about me.  I have also received other text messages where she was seeking some financial assistance to pay for her treatment.  As you can imagine, any form of cancer treatments can be very costly.

Anita had a true fighting spirit.  She was aggressive in voicing her opinions and was not shy about this trait. Fighting the disease for the second time wasn’t going to get to her.  She never gave up hope.  I can relate to her fighting spirit and not giving hope. Maybe sharing the same birthday has something to do with it.  I believe that having a fighting sprit, hope coupled with positive attitude are fundamental ingredients in overcoming any disease.  I will be honest to say at times maintaining the fighting spirit and positive when you are suffering the side effects post chemo.

Anita, you were an amazing fighter.  You were a true inspiration to many people.  As a fellow cancer patient, I have learn a lot from you.  You are in a much better place now where you can finally rest.  God bless!

If you wish to read a little more about Anita, click here established by her family.

For the rest of us cancer patients, I encourage to continue to fight!  Don’t give up hope.

Good night from me.  I rallied enough energy to post this after having another round of chemo yesterday.

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