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Give me a break!

Yep, I do need a break.  A break from my chemotherapy.  I have one more session to complete and that should be it.  Well I am crossing fingers that it ends here.  The finishing line is within reach.  Having to be sick every 3 weeks is not something I look forward to.  That is why I need a change of scenery.  Today, I decided to take a trip to another city over the upcoming Chinese New Year break.  My sister and her family are returning to Johor, Malaysia for their mandatory visit to the husband’s family.  I decided to be a rebel and not join her :).  I am going to Chiang Mai, Thailand instead – the land of smiles.  Flights and accommodation all booked.

I am excited to the idea of soaking up to another city’s food, people and the culture.  I have visited other parts of Thailand before.  In my younger days of travel, I am one of those that didn’t like to waste and see as much of the place.  And at the end of the trip, I feel that I need another holiday just to get over it.  Now my idea of a vacation is to take my time and see what I want to see, do what I want to do in my own time.  If one day I don’t feel like doing any sight-seeing, then I am more than happy to find a quiet cafe somewhere order a coffee or lazing by the pool reading.

Thailand is well-known for their food and markets. When I am in a new city,  I always make an effort to visit the food markets where the local go to buy their day-to-day food.  I love soaking in the colours, breathe in the aroma and feeling the textures.  Being a foodie, I am always learning what ingredients are available and discover those I have yet seen.  This my kind of sight-seeing.  I also researching on Thai culinary schools to learn a few more recipes.  Not that I am boasting about my cooking skills but I want to learn just more than the typical Tom Yum, green curry or pad Thai dishes.  I shall continue to google and see what is out there.

Oh the other “must” do when I am in Thailand is to visit a day spa.  I certainly don’t mind spending half a day pampering myself with a massage- a necessary indulgence in my opinion :).

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Counting to my getaway begins!

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