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Chronicles of Chemotherapy – Cycle #3

It is a week ago since my chemo cycle #5.  I’ve rested at home for the past few days battling with the constant headache.  Today, I am back to my normal self and energy is back too.  Ok, time to look back at my other chemo sessions.

It’s Tuesday 23 November and cycle # 3.  This marks the half way point of my treatment. Yeah to me! The appointment was set at the usual time of 10am.  Blood test needed to be done and as soon as I stepped into the clinic, my favourite nurse turned up to do her duties.

It was back to the clinic after having my breakfast to find out my results.  I am always eager to find out if the tumour markers (CEA) figures has decreased.  Indeed it has dropped to 17.4 from the last test of 26.  I’m making good progress if I say so myself 🙂  A positive sign that the drugs it’s doing the trick.  Aside from reviewing the blood tests, she prodded my legs and tummy to check if I was in any discomfort or show any signs of any physical side effects from the treatment.  So far no major problems detected.  Time to start the session.

As you may or may not figured out, I am not a fan of needles.  To make it even more challenging for the nurses, I have small veins. That means it is more difficult for any medical staff to find my veins to do blood test or even administer simple saline solution.  When it is time to do poke me, it is a hunting game for the nurse.  They tap on hand first to see if there is a good vein.  For this session, the nurse was confident that she found one and proceeded to poke me.  Ouch!  I could feel the needle going in.  But that’s not the end of it.  Even though the needle is in, she has to test to make sure the solution can flow through my veins.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t a good vein after all and proceeded to withdraw the needle 😦 . Put some pressure and band-aid on and on to find another one.

The nurse tried the other hand hoping that she would find a better vein. She finds one and crosses her fingers that this time it works. Bingo!  Thank goodness it was successful.  Gosh, I was poked with needles 3 times in a one day.  Not fun at all and I bruise very easily.  In the next few days, I expect my hands to turn purplish green.

Audrey Niffenegger’s “The Time Traveler’s Wife” book kept me company in this session. I started to get very sleepy after an hour into the session.  I didn’t fight it and took a nap in the chair.  I wasn’t completely asleep as I could hear the nurses shuffling in and out attending to all the patients in the room.  I woke up around 45 mins left into the 2.5 hour session.

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On the way home, I still felt very tired.  Not too sure if was the drugs that was causing the drowsiness or the lack of sleep from the night before.  In any case, I resisted to sleep in the car.  I was just eager to get home and sleep in my own bed .  I did just that.  I managed to catch a 3 hour nap and woke up in time for some light dinner.  The following 7 days, I place myself under house arrest.  This period is where the side effects kick in.  Oh what fun eh!

It’s way past my bedtime now.  Time to head under the covers.  Good night from me!

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