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Eating – a simple pleasure In life

Day 5 of my hospital stay. Since my last post, I have made good progress in my recovery. No recurrence of the cramps. I had to undergo a Barium swallow test 2 days ago. The test is to track how my digestive system is working, that is how effective your gut is. I am happy to report that my digestive is working well and no blockages. Hooray!

With a positive result, I was upgraded from fasting to 500ml of liquid intake per day. My first treat was 100ml of clear chicken soup for dinner. The first sip tasted so good against my lips, sipping slowly for 5 minutes. My second treat is a cup of hot Horlicks to send me off to sleep land.
Following morning, the surgeon decided to make a bold decision and allowing me to have unlimited flow of liquids. I couldn’t be more thrilled with that news. Clear broth was on the menu for lunch and dinner plus Horlicks for tea breaks. As each day goes by a new surprise awaits. Earlier this morning, my doctor made another bold decision and allowed pureed food for my meals. I concurred and welcomed the decision. Double hooray!

As a foodie, eating is simple pleasure in life. So, my first pureed meal consisted of braised fish, carrot and pumpkin, a bowl of clear chicken broth and watermelon. After 4 days of no food, the first spoonful tasted so good even for hospital food. Mount Alvernia’s food is rather good. I like the menu variety ranging from Chinese, Muslim and Western dishes. I caught a whiff of a Malay dish, Nasi Lemak and it smelled really good.

As each day goes by, I’m grateful that I am able to eat a simple meal. I will need to change my diet to minimize any gut blockages in the future. After speaking to the hospital’s dietician, a low fibre diet would be the ideal plan for me. He sat down and drafted a menu plan. He recommend not too lose more weight but rather maintain my weight. This would entail watching my calorie intake. I am allowed to consume 2,200 calories per day. There are some foods that I have to omit but I am lucky that there are alternatives available. I am looking forward to cooking creating yummy dishes from the new set of ingredients.

Bon Appétit!

Give me a break!

Yep, I do need a break.  A break from my chemotherapy.  I have one more session to complete and that should be it.  Well I am crossing fingers that it ends here.  The finishing line is within reach.  Having to be sick every 3 weeks is not something I look forward to.  That is why I need a change of scenery.  Today, I decided to take a trip to another city over the upcoming Chinese New Year break.  My sister and her family are returning to Johor, Malaysia for their mandatory visit to the husband’s family.  I decided to be a rebel and not join her :).  I am going to Chiang Mai, Thailand instead – the land of smiles.  Flights and accommodation all booked.

I am excited to the idea of soaking up to another city’s food, people and the culture.  I have visited other parts of Thailand before.  In my younger days of travel, I am one of those that didn’t like to waste and see as much of the place.  And at the end of the trip, I feel that I need another holiday just to get over it.  Now my idea of a vacation is to take my time and see what I want to see, do what I want to do in my own time.  If one day I don’t feel like doing any sight-seeing, then I am more than happy to find a quiet cafe somewhere order a coffee or lazing by the pool reading.

Thailand is well-known for their food and markets. When I am in a new city,  I always make an effort to visit the food markets where the local go to buy their day-to-day food.  I love soaking in the colours, breathe in the aroma and feeling the textures.  Being a foodie, I am always learning what ingredients are available and discover those I have yet seen.  This my kind of sight-seeing.  I also researching on Thai culinary schools to learn a few more recipes.  Not that I am boasting about my cooking skills but I want to learn just more than the typical Tom Yum, green curry or pad Thai dishes.  I shall continue to google and see what is out there.

Oh the other “must” do when I am in Thailand is to visit a day spa.  I certainly don’t mind spending half a day pampering myself with a massage- a necessary indulgence in my opinion :).

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Counting to my getaway begins!

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