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A father’s love for his son

During my recent visit to Israel, I was delighted to meet a father and son team running a small eatery in Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market. I was privileged to witness the interaction between them on different days and this inspired me to write this post. I know it is very much a cliché to write on a topic such as this but what the heck.

So let’s begin. “D” is the third generation running the family business alongside his father “S”. I was introduced to D by S during one of my many visits at the eatery. From the first time, S made me so welcome. Each time he is around, he makes an effort to greet me with the traditional a peck on each cheek. He barely speaks english and always tries to make conversation with me in simple two to three word sentences in Hebrew. Along with the hand gestures, I can work out what he is trying to say. Many times I have observed S greets his son with a kiss on the head. Perhaps it is the Israeli culture to be so welcoming and loving to their children.

On a separate occasion, I was sitting at my usual table enjoying my breakfast and S arrived at the eatery. He did made way round the tables and chatted to other diners. As S walked towards my table, we exchanged hugs and kisses. I gestured to S that I wanted to show him something on my i Pad. It was a picture of D I took when I first visited the family eatery. When the picture appeared on the screen, S face glowed. He smiled from ear to ear and blew a kiss to the picture. His smile was infectious and it made me smile too. It melted my heart. I wish I could capture that moment in a motion picture. From what I could sense, S is so very proud of D. Proud for continuing the family business which is getting stronger year after year. I have not had the chance to witness that kind of unconditional emotion and bond between a father and his son.

There is one other story about a father’s unconditional love for his son is not only inspiration in the every sense of the word and at the same time it is also a lesson for all about not giving up. I stumble upon Hoyt father and son team on You Tube about 3 years ago. The “sheer determination” is under statement to describe what Dick Hoyt does. It is the simple act of being a loving father to help his son, Rick to live his life to the fullest. The story moved me on many levels but also reminds me not to give up fighting for my life.

I have to warn to those who have not viewed this video before, please prepare a box of tissues beside you.

On this note, I will say good night to all fathers’. Give a hug and kiss to your children everyday.

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