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Telemarketing companies, update your database! No means NO!

It really irks me that when you say no, I mean NO! It does mean maybe, possibly or I will think about it. I am ranting because I am tired of the daily calls from different insurance companies, banks or hotel programmes offering new credit card or some new insurance plans. Every time I receive such calls, I am straight to the point and ask them, “Will you give me the credit card if I am unemployed?” or “Will your insurance company insure me if I have a pre-existing condition like cancer?”. In most cases, the tele-marketer will politely decline my request and bid a good day. However, before I hang on the call, I request to have my number from the list and do not contact me in future regardless of the products. A simple request and acknowledged by the telemarketer. Then why is that a week later, I receive another call from the same company offering me the same credit card? Is it that difficult for tele-marketing companies to update their database?

The message is very clear

Here is a perfect example. Today I received a call from my existing insurance company requesting to set up a time with a consultant to talk about new savings plan, etc. I asked her that I have a consultant servicing my accounts and I am happy with the person. She had the audacity to ask, “Don’t you want to hear a different perspective?”. I replied “How different can the perspective be when you are representing the same company pitching the same products and services?”. My last comment to her “Doesn’t the company have a list of existing customers’ with the assigned consultants? Why are you calling the same pool of customer’s?”. She just didn’t know how to reply to my questions.

Yes, I have had up to my eyeballs with having to repeat myself to strike my name of the list. Don’t get me wrong, I am not attacking the tele-marketers who call me. I am having a go at those telemarketing companies who fail to hear my requests. It seems to me that my contact detail is a bad rash that persistently re-appears despite applying ointment. Is it so hard to execute a simple request?

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