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Is image everything when you are looking for work?

Bald Barbie

So this begs the question, “would potential employers recruit a female candidate who don a bald look?”.  Here in Singapore, it is common practice that a picture is included in your CV when you submit an application.    Therefore, employers has a preview of what you look like even before you are shortlisted, let alone score an interview. There are two schools of thought from hiring managers perspective.  One is looks has a higher priority and experience is second.  On the side of the argument, some would say they look at qualifications and looks are not part of the criteria. I follow the latter where I don’t judge the looks before looking at experience and qualifications. Unless you are a supermodel, then your portfolio of pictures is your CV.

Let’s be honest, we live in a narcissistic world and it is in human nature that we look at someone or something that pleases our eyes.  However, if the reason for having a bald look is to make fashion statement or to raise money for charity, would that change the employers perspective? Perhaps the image when someone has a bald look equates to someone being sick like a cancer patient.  Where do we draw the line of acceptance? Do  people discriminate bald women because we don’t follow the norm?  Or is it one’s preconceived perception that women look better with hair.

Whatever the reason maybe, don’t judge a book by its cover.

Just a footnote, it was a family member asking “why don’t you grow your hair back?” and insistent that I grow my hair back. If I am comfortable and confident in carrying the bald look, why should it bother everyone else.

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