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Sense of Déjà vu

Monday, 9.35am and I am lying in my hospital bed. Yes, I’m back in hospital. I was reluctant to come back but I had very little choice. I suffered some cramps late Friday evening. It was the first cramps experienced since my intestinal bypass surgery 11 months ago. I didn’t want to believe that it was happening. I resisted calling my surgeon but the pain was becoming excruciating that I needed some relief.

A phone call to my surgeon emergency number and asked for his advise. After answering all his questions, he suggested to visit a clinic and request for Buscopan injection to relief the pain. At the same time, he asked the local GP to feel my stomach for any sensitive areas. Should there be any tenderness, I would have to bring myself to the hospital’s emergency and meet the surgeon there. I guess you can figure what happened.

The surgeons initial plan is to keep me in the hospital overnight for observation plus easier management in the event that my cramps recurs. The doctor ordered to do a CT Scan to determine if there was any blockage in my intestines. During his explanations, I kept wishing that the colicky pains to subside, fast for a few days and it should be back to normal. That’s ideal solution. With a meticulous surgeon, he didn’t want to take any risks and wanted to cover various permutations. I place my trust in him once again. In the meantime, I am placed on drips to keep me hydrated.

If you have read my previous posts, I am not a fan of needles. An in-house doctor came in to do the honors of poking my veins. The first comment the doctor made when he held my arm is “you have very small veins” – not breaking news for me. He managed to find one. Took a deep breath and felt the poke into my skin. I felt the pain when he pushed the needed into my vein – OUCH!

Normally, the drip is painless when the solution is flowing into the veins. Since I am fasting, the surgeon ordered to include potassium to be administered together with the drip. This is my first time to receive potassium via drip. As soon as the solution hits my veins, there was a burning and aching sensation going through. Oh boy! It was painful and so uncomfortable that it interrupted my sleep. I was warned of this discomfort after I asked the nurse. I had to endure this pain for one day. Each time I finished one bag, it was immediately replaced with a new drip with potassium. Oh boy! I kept telling that it was too painful in my right arm and requested to change to my left hand. The nurse agreed as she saw my right arm was swollen.

It is just my luck to have the same in-house doctor to set the needle in left arm. He tried to insert the needle on the back of my palm but couldn’t push the needle all the way In. So he decided to find a vein in my fore arm. I barely felt the pain when he successful inserted the needle. Phew!


This my how I spent my weekend. I hope to go home in the next few days.


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