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Project LFD is now activated

Small Diet Meal (image obtained from

After my last post, there were no further symptoms of cramps or tenderness in my tummy.  Since, I was able to eat some food even though puree food is a good sign.  My surgeon asked in the morning if I wanted to go home and I did not hesitate to reply with a “yes, please!”.  He concurred with my answered and ordered the nurse to prepare my discharge. With a follow-up appointment scheduled and my green slip, I was happy to leave the hospital once again.  Home sweet home.

Now comes the post hospitalization care. The D word is put into action.  When one mentions the diet, people think that is starvation and depriving oneself of the good food. But not me! In my case, it is means choosing the right foods to manage any blockage in my intestines and minimize any potential cramps.  I have to look after my gut and a low fibre diet (LFD) is the ideal mix for me.  I am re-learning what types of fruits and vegetables containing low/high fibre. I would do anything to avoid going under the surgeon’s knife.

Here is snapshot of my puree menu for one day. Puree food such as meat or fish may not sound appetizing but when you do add some seasonings to it, it is rather yummy.  It doesn’t have to boring or bland.  I used what flavors I like and cook as per normal. Look at this way, it is no different to the to bottled baby foods but minus the preservatives.


Oatmeal is very bland on its own. Since I have to eat at least 2 servings of fruit a day, I have incorporated one of my favorite fruits banana with oatmeal. puree banana with a teaspoon of cinnamon stirred into the oatmeal is heavenly.  The over ripe banana is sweet enough that no sugar is necessary.


A small bowl of congee (chinese porridge) with sliced fish and a fistful of vegetables.  Usually it is combination of hardy vegetables like carrots, cauliflower or zucchini.  If I crave for western cuisine, I would do mash potato with a dash of basil pesto mixed together and some tuna.  That is one of my fave so far.  It is quick and easy.  If it not tuna, it would be steamed chicken breast.  Sweet potato is another option.  Hmm.. I shall visit the markets tomorrow and see what variety are available.


Apple sauce homemade by yours truly.  It is rather delicious when it is served chilled.

Even though the puree diet is only meant to last for a week, I am looking forward to be able to chew my food in the next few days. Hey, I am a foodie after all.  I want to be able to taste the texture of food.  It is all about making smarter choices when it comes to eating.  Isn’t this the secret of life?

Hmmm.. what shall I have for dinner tonight?

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