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Possible new form of cancer treatment

  I was surfing through TED website last evening.  There was one talk that grabbed my attention and the headline read “Bill Doyle: Treating with cancer electric fields”. Doyle’s company, Novocure has found a fourth type of cancer treatment using electric fields.   He touted that this could be the fourth form of cancer treatment   This electric fields treatment could possibly be used by oncologists’ in addition to the traditional modern medicine to treat cancer we know today – surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

During the presentation,  there was a video clip where one see how cancer cells regenerate at a rapid rate.  This is the first time I have ever seen.  From my understanding and in layman’s terms, the electric fields has the same result to that of chemotherapy whereby the electric fields prevents the cells from doubling.  The first set of clinic trial using this method was with brain tumor.  The end results after 12 months was positive.  In some patients, the tumor was gone.  A great sign.

The way the electric fields kill off the cells is using “patches” with wires attached to a battery pack.  The patches and battery pack is with the patient 24/7.  Although it is may seem cumbersome to carry the pack, it does allow the patient to gon with their daily lives with minimal problems.  The positive side of electric fields is  no side effects such as fatigue, nausea, diarrohea found in chemo.  To me, that is music to my ears.

The US FDA has approved this treatment but at this stage it is still in its infancy.  Novocure is looking to test the treatment on lung cancer patients and slowly rolling out to other forms of cancer like breast and ovarian.  I am going to track the development of this treatment.  I find it always good to know what treatments are available for me.

Here is the link to the presentation Bill Doyle: Treating cancer with electric fields.


It’s that time again

At the blink of the eye and it is 2 weeks ago that I started round 1 of chemo. I have been awake since 6.30am and taking my time to get ready.  Pottering the kitchen preparing my simple egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast later.

There are 2 essential items that I must bring with me to each chemo session.  First is my red heart-shaped stress ball to squeeze each time I get poked by a needle.  This is the same stress ball I use to “exercise” my veins. The second most important item is my iPad.  It takes 2 hours to administer the drug and what a better way to occupy my time by either reading a book or catch up on my favorite TV series.  Most likely I will do the latter.  At the moment I am watching the last few episodes of Criminal Minds (Season 6)  – one of the great psychological crime shows.  My niece loves the show too but her primary reason is because she likes the actor Shemar Moore.  She finds Shemar “so cute” and I kinda have to agree with her. The second series that was highly recommended by friends is Flash Forward.  I have only watched the first episode and I do like the story line.

It’s 9am.  Time to sign off for now and leave the house for the doctor’s.

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