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Chemo – bring it on!

Chemo Princess - that's me!

The date is set.  Friday, 10 June will be the first of my chemotherapy treatments. After the last hospitalization episode of intestinal obstruction, I wanted to wait for the approval from the surgeon that it would be fine to go ahead with the treatment.  Shared the news with the oncologist.

I have opted for a different drug this time round.  A Japanese produced drug called, Campto.  It will be administered once every two weeks, a total of 12 cycles.  From the doctor’s feedback the side effects are not as bad in comparison to my first course of chemo.  Of course I would expect my hair to be thinned out. This doesn’t matter to me so much given that I am already sporting the bald look.  The chemo drug will just save me the effort of having to trim my own hair.

The other known side effects diarrhea.  My oncologist explained that this may kick in a few days after the chemo.  This can be manageable.  I had to deal with similar side effects after the first chemo and radiation. My white blood cells (WBC) may not be affected from the drug.  This means that I would need to inject myself with some drug to help me increase the WBC – phew!  However, each person may react or face different side effects.  Based on my research via the internet, there are other possible side typical chemo effects such as fatigue, nausea and vomiting, brittle nails, sore mouth, weight loss/gain, etc.  I will deal with them when it happens.

Only 3 sleeps to go before the next chapter of chemo begins!  Wish me luck!


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