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The results are in

Yes, the results are in. The CEA markers increase two folds from 24 in April to 54 in May. It wasn’t the kind of result I wanted to see at all. Shock was the immediate reaction but remained calm. Since she prepared me a month ago about the possibility of resuming chemo, I was somewhat armed with information. At the same time, I kept firing questions to my oncologist on how many cycles do I need to complete, what are the options available, alternative treatments, etc.

Here is what she shared with me:

  • The absolute numbers indicated in the results should not be the main focus. The objective of the test is to see if the protein (CEA) population is active and the population increase.
  • Suggested course of treatment is to administer a different drug.
  • Chemo treatment will last 6 months and the frequency of treatment will be once every fortnight. Total of 12 cycle.
  • I can choose to start the chemo as soon as possible OR wait till a later time till I develop further symptoms. I call this the chicken and egg game.
Now it is really up to me when to start the treatment. Before I could set a time, there are critical factors to consider. First and foremost my job hunt will have to be put on hold. My oncologist made a point that

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