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Project Comeback – WIP Report

It is nearing 2 months since I wrote about my Project Comeback. It is time that I report on my progress. The first item on the list was planning a holiday and enjoy my reward. As shared in my previous post, I had a fabulous time in Israel and Jordan. I am not going to close this item just yet. The travel bug is always in me and there are places in the world I have yet to conquer.

Item 2: Start looking for work.

Since my return from my vacation, I began distributing my resume to head hunters.  There are some opportunities out there I know for me with my kind of skill set. I just need to find it.  When one faces or had to deal with an adversity, it either weakens or strengthens your spirit.  I fall into the latter group.  When I resigned from previous job to travel, it was a time for me to find out what to do next.  With a strong passion for the food and cooking, I would like to pursue this field.  With my cancer recurrence last year I had to put on this passion on hold for now. But I haven’t given up on this as yet. I may just switch industries altogether. But at the same time I am being realistic. Call me superficial but the primary reason for me to return to working in the corporate sector is for the money. With high medical expenses such as scans and specialists fees, I will need to build my financial reserves once again to support this.

Working 9 to 5. Actually it is beyond 5pm on most days (Image from

By the way I am still lookout for the magic wand! Ha!

Item 3: Inspirational List

My inspirational list is culmination of people I had the fortunate to meet or work for plus stories of people not giving up on your dream. Dick and Rick Hoyt (aka Team Hoyt) mentioned in my post yesterday is a classic example. All I hear is “Don’t Give Up!” and pursue what you love to do.

Since I love food and cooking, I am exploring different opportunities that allow me to pursue a career in this field. One of which is food styling. This came about after a conversation with my cousin who suggested this possible avenue that incorporates my epicurean affair and my photography skills. I have researched online for courses to help me give an idea how to even start.

Food Styling Tools (Image:

Coincidentally there is an upcoming 2 day workshop in Singapore conducted by a leading US food stylist. I thought long and hard. Procrastinated for a few days because of the high fees. I reminded myself to pursue what I love to do. So I decided to bite the bullet and registered for the workshop. I am excited to learn the tools of the food styling trade.

On this note, I will bid good night.

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