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Ready, set and almost ready to go

Just two more sleeps to go before I set off on another trip. Over the last week, I have been running errands to make sure my check list is being met. My itinerary is finalized and this mini adventure will last just under 3 weeks. What are the final three destinations you might ask. The are Israel, Jordan and Switzerland. If you’re wondering how did Switzerland get into the mix, there are no direct flights to Israel from Singapore. Hence, I have to transit in Zurich to reach Tel Aviv.

Israel is a destination very few Asians will choose to have a vacation. Unless the primary reason is religious. The immediate reaction when I do mention Israel is ” Is it safe to go there?” or “Why Israel?”. The answer is “Yes, Israel is very safe place to visit” and “Why not Israel? It is has so much to offer and beautiful mediterranean coast lines”. Many always associate Israel as the ongoing war with Palestine as reported on the news. I don’t blame everyone for seeing Israel just for that. If one dares to step outside of the image and research what the country has to offer, you might just like it. And very few media will show the beauty of this place.

So, I am very eager to explore the place and excited to catch up with friends and ex-colleagues while I am there.

It would be a wasted opportunity if I don’t spend a few days in Jordan since it is next door to Israel. Petra is on the list of must see. That will be covered in the short visit.

I should stop here and save the details for another day.


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