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Project Comeback

It has been a while since my last post – naughty me! Well I have been keeping myself busy researching for my upcoming travels. Yep, I am going travelling once again. There are so many places I have yet to leave my footprint. I even thought of blindfolding myself and throw a dart at a world map and see where I hit. I didn’t want to go back to Europe since I spent 4 months there. Gave some thought to Asian countries like Japan. It would be timely as a friend recently moved to Tokyo for work. Middle East was also considered. I was eyeing on going back to Israel and visit neigbouring countries such as Jordan and Egypt. But with the political unrest that was stretching for several weeks, I quickly strike Egypt off the list. I have visited Israel twice back in 2008 and 2009 for work. As with business trips, I only managed to see a small part of the country and haven’t completely soaked the flavour of the place. Morocco is another country on my bucket list that I would love to visit. So I included in the list to see if I can squeeze in some time there.

Ok, after much thought and research, the countries who is lucky enough to have my presence are Israel, Jordan and Switzerland. Switzerland is my transit hub to reach Tel Aviv. I am excited because I want to do and see places in the Israel. And I will also have the opportunity to catch up with ex colleagues cum friends. Since I am in Israel, it would be shame not to pop over to Jordan. I will be spending a very short time to see the 2 key highlights – Petra and Wadi Rum. While Zurich is my transit hub, I may just spend a few days in Lucerne to wind down before I fly back home. It’s only one week to go before I embark on my trip.

The travel plans is part of what I call “Project Comeback”. This trip is to reward myself for completing chemotherapy session and a good opportunity to do some travel before I start work. It was one month ago that I had my chemo and I had to wait before I could find out if treatment worked. On Tuesday, 8 March I had to do another round of blood test and PET (Positron Emission Tomography) Scan. I couldn’t sleep very well the night before the tests plus I had to wait for another day before I knew the results. I visited my oncologist Wednesday morning. I have to share the FANTASTIC news. The scan showed that tumor is gone in my body. I am very happy. The treatment has worked. I was silently confident that it did (grin). Why would I make travel plans ahead if I didn’t..haha!

Project Comeback:

1. Plan a holiday and make sure I enjoy my reward.

See the world

2. Look for work upon return from the holiday. Unless someone has a magical formula to turn my bank account to a bottomless pit. Anybody has a spare magic wand I can borrow???

3. Continue to work on my inspirational list.

4. Formally create a bucket list. We all have some form of bucket list floating in our heads but how many crossing off the list?

Bucket list

5. Get my health back into shape: Chemotherapy kills all the good and bad cells in the body. Even though I am physically ok, I am working on getting my internal back on track especially on my immune system. My doctors’ has advised that it will take several months for my immunity to return to “normal” – mind you I don’t think I can be “normal” like an average healthy person. I am still trying to understand what my body can cope with. I have incorporated some light exercises such as swimming, brisk walking and pilates.

I am delighted to report that Project Comeback is underway and shall be a work in progress.

Signing out for tonight.


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4 thoughts on “Project Comeback

  1. I definitely vote that you write down a life list…and don’t worry about trying to remember them all at once, they’ll come to you eventually. In fact, there will probably be more things than you thought!

  2. SimonC on said:

    Excellent news!

    And you remind me I have to check out that movie “The Bucket List” from a few years ago, which I still haven’t seen.

    I was recently watching Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford Commencement Speech, and he talks about his initial encounter with cancer, how the doctors cried when they realized it was treatable, and how he lives each day as if it was his last. It’s a very uplifting and inspirational speech. For those who haven’t seen it before, you can see the 15 minute video here:

    Have fun on your travels Chris!

    • Thanks for sharing the link, Simon. Yes, I have seen the video you posted in the past. It is truly an inspiration to what Steve Jobs has been through. I do have to agree with him on living each day as if it is the last day. Many of us do take what we have for granted. Only when a life changing situation arises, it forces you to relook at what is important in your life.

      I am looking forward to this trip albeit 3 weeks long. Much shorter than my 4 month adventure last year 🙂

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