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I am back from my hiatus

Yes, I am back from my break in Chiang Mai.  The one week break was what I needed. The weather was perfect – warm in the day without low humidity and the evening temp drops to a pleasant 18 to 22 deg. I enjoyed the flexibility to choose what I wanted to do and when.  One day I may decide to walk around to explore to soak in the sights or the following day I am more than happy to sit by the pool reading my book.

One of the things I cherished most during the past week is sleep.  Such a simple thing I know but the ability to have a deep quality sleep for more than 5 hours per night is a luxury for me – no phone calls or someone pottering around the house early hours of the morning.  Even though I may have only 6 to 8 hours of sleep, I feel rejuvenated.  I will share another post on what I did in Chiang Mai – so bear with me.

Tomorrow is another round of chemotherapy and it is my LAST session!  Wooo hooo!! I am so ready to cross the finishing line.  I just hope that this will the last one I have to face for a very long time to come.  I hope my blood test will be also be positive news.  In my last catch up with the oncologist, she did forewarn me of the possibility of two additional sessions.  This is on the premise that my tumor markers/CEA does not stabilize by the last session.  I keep reminding myself that everything will be fine and I don’t need any further chemotherapy.

The clock is fast approaching midnight.  I should be sleeping soon and ready for a long day.

Bonne nuit from moi!


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2 thoughts on “I am back from my hiatus

  1. SimonC on said:

    All the best with your test (hey, I’m a poet!) and glad to hear you are almost done with your marathon of sessions.

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