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Sleepless in Singapore

Yes, I am having one of those nights where my body is feeling tired but my mind is still active at this hour. But oh no,  this out of sync mode has operated for the last several nights – tsk tsk. I should be in bed by now especially when I have wake up by 7.30am.  My alarm is all set.

I had plans to continue with my regular swimming exercise but the it didn’t help when it rained for the entire day.  So I took the time to spring clean my notebook to create more space on the hard drive.  One of my tasks that is has been on going for the last many months is sorting out my travel photos.  I have only managed to upload about 4 different cities.  There are over 6,000 pictures taken during my adventure.  As you can imagine, it will take a little time to filter them through.  I shall endeavour to finish this ASAP!

The date 11.1.11 marks the 5th cycle of chemotherapy treatment.  This would be second last treatment as planned by the oncologist. You may scratching your head and wondering what is going on? Let’s speed up the timeline a little.  I was first diagnosed in early Nov 2008.  I had my surgery and radiation.  I was in remission with my cancer since early 2009 till June 2010. Upon my return from my travels,  I discovered my cancer has relapsed.  This time the tumor has grown outside my vaginal walls and started to spread to my gall bladder.

Just like my other posts, I will take the time to share my experience going through my second obstacle.  I hope I have the energy to take some time to pen down my thoughts after chemo.

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2 thoughts on “Sleepless in Singapore

  1. EilingT on said:

    Your transparency, energy and strength shines through in these entries. So many cancer patients radiate from within due to their immense positivity and obvious bravery. This is captured in your blog. You have always been strong, capable and just a generally lovely person. It seems that nothing, not even cancer, can take that away. I am proud to be associated with you by blood. Rest up and I look forward to reading more.

    • I am very fortunate to have someone like you to provide unconditional support. I draw energy and strength for those who truly understands.

      Thank you lots for your beautiful word of kindness 🙂 Miss ya lots… hugzzzz 🙂

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