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Cervical Cancer – a wake up call

Cancer.  When the doctor or someone mentions the word cancer, devastation would be the typical reaction on a person’s face.  For me, I recall being numb for a few minutes and it was a good few minutes before I could comprehend the news.  Here is what happened.

Back in October, 2008. I took myself to see my local GP to have an overdue PAP Smear done after having some bleeding in between my menstruation cycles for about 2 months or so.  I self diagnosed that the bleeding was due to my hectic work travels and under work stress – sounds familiar to many I am sure.  The doctor performed a regular PAP Smear.  The results came back within 2 days and I was called back to see the doctor in his office.  At the time of the call, I was on a business trip. I knew the results was not good.  I rushed back as soon as I could. The results came back showing some abnormalities and possible traces of cancer cells being present. The news was broken to me 1 day after my 38th birthday.  What a birthday present eh!

Once the news sunk in, I asked what is the next step.  An appointment to see a gynaecologist was necessary.  I had to undergo CT scan to determine where the cancer tumor was and the stage of the cancer.  From there, the gynaecologist could only then prescribe the course of treatment. I will talk a little more on what kind of treatment in a separate blog.

So what does cervical cancer mean to me?  This was a WAKE UP call for me.  I worked hard to enhance my career and try to play hard.  Sometimes the balance is tipped toward working hard more so than playing hard. I had to put ME first and take care of my health before anything else.

Aside from the doctor’s RX to tackle the cancer,  I firmly believe that your mind-set and attitude accounts for a good part of fighting this disease.  Hey, I know this sounds easier said than done. Your body reacts to how you are thinking.  If you tell yourself that you’re sick, then your body will react to notion.  Hence, if you programmed your mind that the cancer cell to overtake your body, then the cancer cells shall continue to divide.

Tell yourself  “I can beat you, cancer!” Cancer can be over powered!  STAY STRONG!

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3 thoughts on “Cervical Cancer – a wake up call

  1. SimonC on said:

    Well done on posting your experiences of living with cancer. I’ve lost a number of family and friends to this disease – sadly more as years go by – some whose cancer was possibly the result of their lifestyle (such as heavy smoking) and others whose cancer just appeared out of nowhere. It’s important that people get any health problems that hang around longer than usual looked at by a doctor, and also to get regular checkups.

    • SimonC on said:

      Forgot to add, that I’ve also known many folks who have successfully overcome cancer having detected it early, and been through various forms of treatment. My mom is one of those, having conquered early stage breast cancer through a combination of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

      • Thanks, Simon. Yes I do recall your mum undergoing similar combination of treatments for her cancer. Great to hear that she’s doing well nowadays. Pls send my regards to her. 🙂

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